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Karasyov V.YU., Pintus S.M., Gladchenkov E.V., Bezpalov O.A.

The Research-production Laboratory  "Mikropribor" has two of purposes: it works as a scientifically oriented laboratory and also as a laboratory  for new production and products.  "Mikropribor" actually is venture that can present a row of new products which we named "Talisman" Project.

Amongst De Beers, “Bridal”, “Secret of Rose”, “Wildflowers and other companies” jewelry collections now we can represent The Talisman Collection.

In collection we represent the most varied decorations. Some of them have octagonal untilled raw diamonds. If you read jewelry magazines you can notice: similar jewelry from untilled diamond rapidly fall into mode today. The Leading jewelry distributors in Italy, USA, Spain for several years already successfully has been selling products alike. Raw diamonds popularity constantly grows a year to year.


Studies have established promising way of processing the diamond showed that it is possible to form crystals with the configuration of the surface, described by the equations of the second order. Changing the mechanical properties of a diamond, depending on the crystallographic orientation of the crystal has little influence on the realization of the effect of cluster removal of material and allows efficient processing of any surface crystallographic orientation. This approach allowed the establishment of parabolic, spherical, cylindrical, conical surface on the diamond.



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